The reading of this book became a love/hate thing.
I loved the skillful writing
of living the moment
of very ordinary events.
I love the realness of it.

But I just could not comprehend what he was explaining…
mechanical workings of a motorcycle.

Should I just skip over that part or force myself to read it.
I forced myself…
just as I did so when I read the begats in the Bible,
just so I could tell myself I read it from cover- to- cover.

The reward of this book is to hear that things will get better,
and that when they do,
you can actually feel it happening
and can say it’s been getting worse for such a long time,

but I can actually see now that it’s turning around.

Maybe that’s why my new friend gave me this book.

Well that is a great message…that things will get better.
I think that’s the same message I try to convey in my blog.
Everyting is a cycle…every year the sun returns to the place it was
whey you were born.  Every month the moon completes a
Twelve for Jupiter, 29 for Saturn etc.
We look to the orbit of the planet

to try to understand the cycles on earth
beyond the tides and seasons.

You’ve shared your view before
that the Bible forbids fortune tellers.

But I always think back to a woman
I met in Orlando named Kandy G.

She was a devout born-again Christian
I worked with at Just in Time

who wanted me to do a reading for her.
When I hesitated
to do the reading because of her religion,
her reply was:
“God created the planets,
what’s wrong with looking to them for meaning?

And then there is my favorite passage from Ecclesiastes…
“To everything there is a season…”

One of my favorites.
The Byrds’ recording
turned out to be the most popular…

except for the ‘turn turn turn’ part and the last line…

(peace) ‘I swear its not too late’,
all the lyrics are verbatim
from that passage from Ecclesiastes.

Another biblical reference….
The German astronomer
Johannes Kepler
observed a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter
in 1603,
and began calculating the possibility
that the line-up
of these two planets
created the celestial phenomenon that
the three magi followed we call the star of Bethlehem.
Sure enough, there was a Jupiter Saturn cunjunction

in the years before the birth of Christ.

Back in that day, ‘wise men’ meant astromoners/astrologers. There’s a whole vein of literature about this.
The other day yu forwarded me the Daily Ohm Scopes,
and it reminded me
not everybody understands
exactly what I’m trying say in
my blogs.

I don’t believe in predictions per se,
or newspaper horoscopes.
In my opinion,
you can’t simply divide humanity into 12
categories (signs),
My objective is to observe contemporary planetary cycles
and draw attention to correlations between heavenly events
and earthly events.

Everything is a cycle.
he orbits of the planets have a metaphorical relationship
cycles here on earth.
(As in the Lord’s Prayer…’On earth
as it is in heaven’.)
What goes up must come down.
The ivy
MBA’s (conveniently) forgot that
in the run-up to the money
Now things are difficult for
but the hopeful message is that
what goes down
eventually comes back up.
That is the message we have to keep
in mind
now as we are feeling depressed and punished.

That’s the overriding message in my blog…
we may be in a
down place in a cycle now,
but everything keeps turning,

and there will be better days ahead.
The bottom line for me:
no matter how bad things are today,
his is a point in a cycle that is not permanent.
We are turning
as we speak
and we are moving now to a new place.

Peace & Love,



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