Rules of 3 abound in the minds of man.
Astrologers look for triplicities
to pinpoint themes in horoscopes.
Writers and speakers employ triple repetition.
Some say celebs seem to die in trios.
Three is the smallest number of elements
that can establish and violate a pattern.

Since December 20th,
there has been a cascade of planetary events.
3 in particular are worth keeping in mind:
Mars retrograde on 12/20
Mercury retrograde on 12/26
and this afternoon a full Moon, partial lunar eclipse.
the eclipse indicates the energies unleashed now
will be felt for the next 3 months.

Here’s a paraphrase of Robert Wilkinson:
This Lunar Eclipse will begin a three-month
“shut down”in the houses it occupies in our charts.

Given that it occurs
with both Mercury and Mars retrograde,
perhaps it will have a “back to the future” type of energy where things from the past need to be revisited
or completed, seen or done from a different angle.

Hard adjustments are in the air
for the next few months,
but so are forms of happiness
if we know our role to play
and allow certain natural limitations
to be more boon than bondage.

So…submitted for your approval,


3 choice words of advice for friends
to keep in mind over the next 3 months


adrianna,, friends friends friends
alex,, souls creativity rises
alexandra,, consolidate family affairs
andreas,, spiritual partnerships perspective
angel,, activate education dreams
asiamason,, realign finances creativity
bill,, money, global, responsibility
billy,, health, work, spirituality
callie,, psychology and sexuality
camilo,, deep sexual connection
carolblue,, travel and siblings
carara,, career home romance
carolinep,, solo or symphony?
carolinescott,, fortify legal affairs
carolync,, exert sex appeal
carolyncjp,, sex is psychology
charna,, experience psychological transformation
cherry,, ultimate expansion of values
christina,, retrace educational steps
crystal,, romance, friends, rejuvenation
danielle,, change your mind
dav,, open-minded communication
davea,, creativity manifests materially
davidto,, emotional, romantic culmination
debk,, past connection rediscover
donna,, deep familial currents
eric,, siblings, mysticism, responsibility
ericgoth,, money attractive psychology
fab,, high tide emotion
jorge,, psychology emotion sexuality
germaine,, peak family happiness

henrietta,, creative emotional renaissanx
j a modulate physical strength
jerel,, sex is psychology
joey,, patient careful communication
joreynolds,, romance through friendship
june,, modulate career expansion
kate,, finance luck psychology
kayden,, psychology intuition generosity

kip,, relationship spirits physical
krysta,, deep merging relationship
kyle,, attraction intuition generosity
leah,, magic jupiter attraction
linda,, home attraction relax
lorie,, spirits ideas attraction
mari,, communicate emotions carefully
mariela,, recalibrate romantic energies
marjorie,, opportunity activation home
markgreen,, return to romance
marlene,, creative spirits dream
maya,, attraction revalue resources
mayra,, travel communication siblings
melba,, restate creative dialogue
neil,, double check connections
obama,, intuition creativity idealism
ofelia,, attraction emotional satisfaction
polygonpal,, the public eye
revj,, psychology intuition generosity
ricardo,, resurrect past romance
ricmathews,, healing spiritual routine

robertjones,, sexuality psychology emotions
ros,, make a wish and count to three
sahara,, work trumps values
sallie,, relationship energy activated
scott,, psychology sexuality renewal
shellion,, family sweetness travel

sherry,, fortunate partnership transition

sonya,, career communication travel

stella,, joint resources intuition
stephanie,, focus attractive powers
sydell,, emotional foundation transform
tanisha,, high physical efficiency
tito,, reinforce emotional foundation
pstar,, modulate the pull of mars retro
vickie,, sibling open mind
walter,, psychology transformation sex
zahira,, dreams come tru


4 Responses to “RULE OF 3”

  1. Love this one!

  2. Thanks activation is starting.

  3. And so it begins: I commit to a modified thesis proposal and submit it, while simultaneously having the best adult (read: over 50, and for two days!) date in years, and a connection reminiscent (but not duplicative) of the halcyon days when I was Prince of 16th St, all since the retrogrades began. Relationships, spirits, physical.

  4. Thank you so much Rev J! I will start my mantra now.

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