I think this is a fascinating topic. In natal charts I studied
for children born after 1993, many are dyslexic
or are having trouble with reading.
Individually they tend to have Mercury Sun conjunctions,
combined with 3rd House activity.

As a group, however, I attribute the dyslexic tendencies
to a shift from left-brain thinking to right-brain thinking.
I think this evolutionary brain-shift was activated
by the Neptune Uranus conjunction from around 1993.

The internet was publicly emerging in 1993.
According to Marshall McLuhan,
the internet will engender a shift away from
left-to-right eye movements in reading
and a move toward up-and-down eye movements.
According to McLuhan, this in turn will create
a mass shift away from the Western emphasis
on the temporal realities of the left brain.

The shift to right brain thinking
is the foundation of world peace,
and one of the key elements
of the coming Aquarian age.
To me, the generation born after 1993
have a right brain bias that is wired for future success.


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