Two Events to Consider:
New Moon Eclipse
2:12am est 2010 01 15Mercury Direct
Noon friday est


This represents

The new Moon eclipse
is a new beginning
set to unfold over the next
3 months.

Mercury resuming
direct motion
gives a push
to everything you start
in the next several days.

Here’s my MONDO
for my friends TOMORROW



alex,, romance
andreas,, god
angel,, romance
bill,, black moon lilith
billy,, work
carolync,, clear thinking
carara,, networks
carolinep,, partnership
christina,, value
crystal,, lusty
davea,, contacts
davidto,, recognition
debk,, association
donna,, family
eric,, trips
fab,, partnership
jorge,, psychology
henrietta,, emotional regeneration
joreynolds,, black moon lilith
jerel,, mind expansion

joey,, emotional regeneration
june,, international
kip,, black moon lilith
kyle,, black moon lilith
leah,, partnership
linda,, home
lorie,, luck
mari,, sexy

mariela,, romance
maya,, money honey
mayra,, black moon lilith
melba,, children
neil,, entertainment

ofelia,, black moon lilith
robertjones,, education

revj,, black moon lilith
ros,, black moon lilith
sallie,, marriage
scott,, black moon lilith
sherry,, marriage
stella,, black moon lilith
sydell,, children
trevor,, de-vice
vickie,, neighbors
walter,, hidden power


2 Responses to “MONDO TOMORROW”

  1. LOVELY!! My ruling planet returns to forward motion. No wonder I’m set to get some this weekend…!!! Please, however, explain me the Lilith part. Sounds kinda satanic (and since I don’t really have a devil, that’s less disturbing than it reads), but doubtlessly portentious.

    • Black Moon Lilith is an lunar orbital point used commonly by British astrologers.
      It represents the dark side of the female energy that everyone has in their
      personality matrix. The mythical archetype that represents Dark Moon Lilith
      is that of the Furies. Chronos attacked his father Saturn and cut off his
      genitals and when Saturns blood were born the Furies. If I mentioned that
      in my list today it’s because your natal Black Moon Lilith is being influenced
      by Mercury and the Eclipse. I have a friend from London who
      has turned me on to BME, and I plan to write a blog soon with a specific list
      of natal interpretations for my friends. Stay tuned…and have a great weekend.
      Peace & Love…p.s. a tantrika is taking me to see Hair tonight…
      when the moon is in the seventh house, and jupiter aligns with Mars.

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