(Marina reads RevJ)

So you have Dark Moon Lilith in the 8th,
this is the Lilith that needs to be put
to creative use otherwise it’s the one
that can be the nastiest of all Liliths.

Oh lordy AND its in the occult and sexy 8th house.
This is Lilith in exile. The real raging one
at having injustice done to her.
I can sort of see why you may have been
celibate for so long. Sex may bring
this side out of you. This buried rage
and passion might be frightening to others.
It has a quite scorpionic flavour here.
Dark Moon Lilith is also druggy Lilith,
the forbidden fruit, again some people
use this creatively, others are frightened
of their over active imagination and nightmares
and use drugs to numb this.
But its a rich fantasy at work here
and should be used.

This is trined
your Witchy Black Moon Lilith in the 4th.
This is more wise witch crone energy.
In Aquarius gives it a rather eccentric vibe.
Think Maggie Smith in Harry Potter.
This is bang in the middle of your Lilith corridor
(from 10 degs to 17 degs Aqua).
I see this as where the veils between the spirit world
or the collective unconscious)are thinner.
Great for creativity, making wishes, magic, sex….

Jupiter is approaching that place right now!
Will enter Feb the 5th and be there till march 9th.
Very lucky time.

(she’s the wobbly door of the corridor)
is opposed your Sun. I see that one
as being pretty unstable,
like when a potion is brewing.
Ttoo unstable yet to make any magic.

is where the mature magic lies AND WAY!
What a surprise you have it
opposed Mars along with natural BML.

BML aspects MY Mars and I have to say
it make us super sexy;) lol,
But we can be quite feirce with our magic.
When BML touches a planet
it makes that planet seem taboo
because you know deep down it’s potency
and passion and you hesitate to use the power.
Ironically with Mars,
Lilith CAN make you celibate,
expecially in opposition.
Simple because deep down
there is a fear of unleasing
that kind of power.
Things like religion/society
can make you feel incredibly guilty
about having such strong sexual energy…
I was a very late developer
with regards to sex i suspect
because of my catholic upbringing.
Another reason could also be
is that you see sex as a spiritual thing
and you want a ritualistic experience.

Mars/Lilith is supposed to be total slut,
but I think it’s the total opposite.
So both Dark Moon and Black Moon
are trining your AC. No wonder
you are so fascinated by Lilith.
She is very much part of your persona
and having her aspect your Mars too!


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