Venus shifted into Pisces this past Thursday 2/11.Some of you may already have started feeling the effects, especially with Valentine Day tomorrow.  This subtle shift will move us from group-tinged romantic focus, to the kind of selfless unconditional love epitomized by the Neptunian energies symbolized by Pisces.

In its highest expression, Venus in Pisces represents ecstasy. Pisces is the avatar of love.  In lower manifestations, Venus in Pisces can represent confusion and fogginess, a love where one loses oneself to the partner.  The partner may be fooled or misled.

Venus energies tend to be subtle and not particularly long-lasting, but if we meditate on Venus, it is possible to lock into its vibrations and harness those energies in our lives.  If you have any natal planet in the sign of Pisces, this transit will be more powerful for you.

An important note for artists: Venus in Pisces activates artistic creativity. The artist is capable now of tapping into collective thought and creating  works that reflect the public mood and desire.

Venus in Pisces on Valentine’s day
is excellent for sweet romance.
Here’s what Venus is whispering to RevJ’s friends



adrianna,,  a week of beauty
alex ,, marriage is blessed
alexandra,, emotional peace
andreas ,,  attract financial opportunity
angel,, perfect creative alignment
bill,, love from the past
billy,, sexual attraction
camilo ,, international opportunity
carlton,, exquisite love alignment
carara,, healing retreat
scott,, perfect romantic alignment
carolinep ,, fortunate eductional opportunities
carolync,, expanding sexual generosity
carolyncjp,, attract career opportunity
christina,, emotional and parternal blessings
crystal,, healing romantic encounter
danielle,, creative and romantic fertility
davea,, internse physical attractiveness
davidto,, spiritual preparation for good luck
debk,, intense physical attractiveness
donna,, health blessings
eric,, romantic expansion
fab,, creative mind expansion
henrietta,, romantic opportunity knocks
israel,, swelling romantic attraction
j a,, sexual intuition
james,, career creativity spotlighted
joreynolds,, at your most physically attractive
jerel,, career creativity expansion
jorge,, attracting career opportunities
joey,, creative mind expansion
justice,, emotional peace and blessings
kip,, money money money money money
krysta,, romance in the public eye
kayden,, love thy neighbor
kyle,, romance at home
linda,, the romance continues
lorie,, the romance continues
mari,, attraction of career opportunity
mariela,, a week of beauty
maya,, good fortune with home and emotion
mayra,, romantic attraction
melba,, romantic creativity in the workplace
neil,, upswell of physical charisma
ofelia,, romance in the neighborhood
pstar,, creativity from the subconscious
robertjones,, romantic trigger date
revj,, creative intuition
ricardo,, personal attractiveness expands
rupali,, attract business opportunity
ros,,  personal attactiveness expands
sallie,, creative mind expansion
scott,, career creativity expansion
sherry,, romantic mind expansion
stella,,  attract business opportunity
sydell,,  personal attractiveness expands
tito,,  attract romantic opportunity
vickie,, emotional intuition expands
walter,,  attraction in the public eye
zahira,, personal attractiveness expands



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