(Marina reads Mayra)

Your Lilith corridor is in the second house of cash and quite a narrow concentrated one. It means your sexual energy is more sparky, if you need to access your psychic and magic abilities they make come very quickly and intensely. You make get very strong intuitive flashes that overwhelm you, they don’t come often, but when they do you feel them very deeply. This is also because both your Black Moon Liliths are closely bunched in the the most sexual/magical sign of all Scorpio!

You could make money from this, but as this is also the house of self esteem , you may be insecure about doing so. The most unstable of the Liliths, the doors of this corridor, is closely trined (a positive connection) by Venus the planet of beauty, love and creativity. This is hugely beneficial once you realise it’s creative power. It shows you have artistic talents, or have peacemaking, diplomatic abilities. You are a very loving person, be careful people don’t take this for granted.

It is also sextile (another nice aspect) Mercury, the planet of writing and communication. This Lilith creativity could come out in writing or poetry. Mercury also rules your career house so it would be a good choice.

Sexually this aspect can make you a bit flighty and flirty, you don’t like to be pinned down, yet you love passionately. Lovers may take this as you being more “in love” than you actually are and expect more commitment from you than you are able to give.

But once you do meet the right guy…….



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