(namaste, Macthebull)

I consulted recently with a friend about a fire. My friend was a guest in someone’s apartment, and lit candles before the date came over. When the date used the bathroom, the shower curtain brushed against a candle and started a fire that was quickly contained, primarily damaging the bathroom, but unfortunately setting off the sprinkler system in the building and water-damaging all the apartments in the building.

My friend wasn’t as concerned about the influences that led up to the fire, but she was concerned with the karmic meaning of the event, and the spiritual lessons to be learned from working through the legal and moral consequences…

My advice to her focused on the Saturn rising, and the convergence of planets in Aquarius. I also thought the Chiron/Sun/Neptune conjunction was influential. Any thoughts…? Rev J

The main planetary dynamic involved in the timing and the event here is:

(a) Pluto transiting quincunx n.Sun
reinforced with pinpoint fire of
(b) Mars transiting opp n.Sun
(c) Mars transiting square n.Saturn.

Whenever there is a fire, look for fire. Very simple. Mars = fire. Sun = fire. Quincunxes = accidents or spontaneous occurences in one’s environment that cause a change in course or attitudes.

Transiting Neptune’s quincunx to n.Uranus shows this is a time of adjustment of awareness, a period in which I’ve observed many people experience interference run by unfocused anxieties or idealisms into the grounded awareness of the senses.

The lesson seems to relate to her sense of control in shared passions. Either she was subconsciously dowsing out herself, or was inviting in someone who she intuitively knew would, but she was ignoring this until the fire happened. Saturn’s move Rx back towards her n.Venus shows a period of more deeply considering the values she has in relationships especially. Fire types often need to have things dowsed out for a while to cool off enough to contemplate. It can also relate to fears of such interactions.

This is evident as much from your description of the event as from any of the astrology.

During the transit of Mars opp n.Sun we experience a heightened output of vital energy or libido, assertiveness of our passions. With the Saturn transit conj n.Venus more careful consideration of the lasting values in such relationships was unavoidable.

A changing feeling towards personal freedom is also evident in the time. Uranus transiting square n.Moon is a time of finding a new freedom domestically, changing personal habits in emotional receptiveness to others. The Moon in Gemini native is too often easily brought into interactions by conversation or words without as deep a look into the other as is needed to maintain a sense of personal boundaries and integrity. The natal aspect of Moon opp Mars shows a tendency to act too impetuously emotionally, to jump before looking; feelings get stirred up easily for good or bad, lots of verbal energy. Moon quincunx Uranus natally also shows a tendency to be impulsive or not see how another may take advantage until later. Moon trine Neptune and sextile Pluto shows how romantic and strong her emotions are, further emphasizing some of these tendencies.

The adjustment process is basically one of self-empowerment and taking complete responsibility for her own well being – empowerment – and is still ongoing as Pluto is transiting quincunx n.Sun.

Dowsing of fires/passions normally left too much to the influence/interferece of others. Was she fearfully but subconsciously blocking interaction, or appropriately allowing the event to happen as it did?

The Sun-Neptune-Chiron cluster was transiting quincunx n.Pluto (peaking two days later), further making the point about personal empowerment, adjustments in that area of life. Many women are trained more than they realize in giving an inch of personal empowerment to get a shot at love. Understand why she was essentially getting her own attention here? Accidents are avoidable if we have asserted ourselves appropriately. Letting things build up over time requires that the Higher Self gets our attention with such events.

Her secondary progressions show a near exact trine of pr.Pluto to n.Mars. Window of opportunity for empowered assertion. A near exact progression of Chiron quincunx n.Moon shows an adustment needed to avoid old habits or emotional patterns. When we don’t do this consciously it gets created subconsciously. This is much better and shows more awareness on some level than going into a situation or relationship headlong.


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