Leo born 1976

I need some help bro about practical application of the energies in your chart…Would you do mine? Please? Let me know…. Give me some insight into myself so to speak. What I can say is that Pluto is an obsession of mine. I love Scorpios!!!


I would say the energy bedeviling your Moon is probably the Mars Mercury conjunction in Virgo, which is square your Moon. So your ego and intellect is often at odds with your emotions.

Maybe the analogy of being pulled in different directions, which relates to planetary oppositions is less appropriate then the analogy of a square, which represents more of a clashing than a pulling. the challenge with squares is to learn to modulate the energies of the planets involved. With the Mars and Mercury, you have to learn not to fall into the trap that you ARE your ideas. The square encourages you to learn to be aware of the difference between your ego energies and your emotions.

Why such an affinity for Scorpios? Well the 8th house Jupiter is probably part of the answer. Add to this the Scorpio Uranus and North Node in the 1st. Many of the Scorpios you meet will have their Sun placed in your 1st house and therefore will have a strong influence on your persona.

And then Pluto in Libra in your 12th transited your rising sign when you were 5 and 6 years old. There’s another thread on here about Pluto transits that you should look for and read. Even a small child will be affected by a major Pluto transit like that. I was born with Pluto and my Sun three degrees apart, so Pluto crosses back and forth over my sun several times before I was two. I almost died of a collapsed lung on a ship sailing from Africa to the US, and my mom told me I never cried (until I grew up, that is).

As for the North Node: the first time I got a reading my astrologeer/teacher told me that the North Node is like a kind of protections; like a guardian angel that pulls you back from the precipice and saves you from danger. Particularly in the 1st house (where mines is also placed natally in Scorpio) it tends to represent physical protection. I always meditate on this aspect if i feel myself in any kind of danger. And I believe that i have received miraculous protections or divine interventions.

As I have grown more as an astrology student, I have come to think of the North Node as the Forrest Gump influence. With the North Node there is an element of you in relation to the collective. Forrest Gump always seemed to benefit from being at the right place at the right time. his life was fortunately propelled events and through no particular effort on his part.

Hope this helps. Peace & Love, RevJ



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