Great post, Funk!
That chart you directed me to was very interesting. He’s just about to have another Jupiter return which maybe gives him teflon vestments.

His native retrograde Sagittarius Saturn is the planetary archetype representing his push backwards toward more conservative Catholic dogma. I think I read somewhere that Saturn in Sagittarius can also represent narrow-mindeness.

As a Plutophile, I think one of the most interesting things in his chart, is the upcoming transit of Pluto opposing his native Pluto. According to my version of Robert Hand’s 1976 ‘Planets In Transit’, “this transit occurs at a time that is beyond the normal life expectancy”. Hand offers no further description.

This is a result of Pluto’s rapid transit through Scorpio, which accelerated the onset of some Pluto transits for current generations.

Jupiter might protect him in the short term, but by the time he turns 87, in 2014, he’ll have his Saturn return, Black Moon Lilith return, and his Pluto opposite Pluto. I reckon those are very difficult transits for a leader in his position with Saturn in Sagittarius.

As far as the sordid actions of the dissembling catholic infrastructure…I think the comment in my Funky Astrology group resonates..Funk quoted a prediction:




2 Responses to “PENULTIMATE POPE”

  1. glad you got this topic going RevJ. Marina made a prediction while doing her next full moon blog, that abuse would be a theme (she should post it in the next few days). i’m hoping to get some time to look into the astrology further and hopefully write something up myself. i’m sure we are just tapping into something many are picking up about the future, but it is always nice to find answers in horoscopes. did have a quick look at the Vatican chart a while back and it was a nasty one.

  2. I just drew up Pope Benedicts chart with the Liliths. He has a tight black Hole of a Lilith corridor with only a degree between BML and Osc Lilith and this is square nasty Demonic Dark Moon by only a degree. Woo he could have those demons flying in pretty rapidly and intensely with that set up.
    I mentioned in my Blog he had a Priapus Moon opposition, but did not notice they both T squared tightly PLUTO, under a degree the whole set up.
    That means his upcoming Pluto half return will form a grand CROSS in his chart between Tr Pluto and his natal Moon, Priapus and Pluto.

    Crucifixion…? He’s gonna need that teflon.

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