—————- Original Message —————
From: K
Date: 2010 04 19 11:33 AM

My morning is fine I guess,
just keep wishing I’ll wake up
and life will be better for me.

I really don’t see how my life seemed
so much better last year
full of joy money and friends
and now all of that’s gone.

Anywho…can you please clarify
what you were saying earlier?

I guess I’m asking for some information
because one day I might to work
that kind of magick.

Your mantra should be that your will
is in harmony with the divine will.

When you were born, black moon Lilith
was directly overhead, meaning Lilith
illuminates your native mid-heaven.
Meditate on that: Very powerful.

Black Moon Lilith is a point
in the orbit of the Moon
that represents witchcraft,
voodoo, brujeria,
non-procreational copulation,
slutty sexiness et cetra…

I suggest you Google ‘Lilith Corridor’
where my friend Marina Funk
occupies the top listing.
Marina opens the velvet ropes
to understanding the magical elements of Lilith.

Life is full of ups and downs for everybody.
The trick is to be aware
of what is happening while it’s happening.
when you are feeling like things are wrong.
Know what time it is and prosper.
Timing is everything.

Right now, Jupiter is transiting Pisces,
which corresponds to your 4th house.
Whatever changes you experience now
will work out in your favor,
especially relating to your home.

You have a lot of good luck working for you now
on an emotional and intuitive level.


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