—————- Original Message —————
From: A
Date: 2010 04 27 9:20 AM

What does Saturn opposition Uranus
mean for an Aquarian?
Just wondering why I feel immobilized.
Waitin for test results.
Pray for me sweetie.

Because you are Aquarian,
you are able to modulate the energy
of Uranus better than most.

Now Saturn is in your 4th house
(suggesting a focus on home and emotions).
And Uranus is in your 10th house of career.
This sets up a polarity between these
two spheres of your life, setting the stage
for centrifugal purification.

The immobile feeling comes
from Saturn in your 4th house.
Saturn is holding you in place
to encourage the introspection
necessary for your karmic growth.

Regarding the medical tests,
this opposition isn’t hitting the areas
of your chart dealing with health
so it doesn’t seem like your life lessons
are coming from the health sphere right now.

Well blessed be that you are healthy.
I knew that.
Now replace the fear with love
(easier said).
And that should do it.


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