Identify the blessings
that emerged in your life in Feb ’99.
That’s the last time Jupiter
orbited into the sign Aries,
as it will again this year
in early June.

The same types of energy
that were at work on you in 1999,
are working on you again starting in June.

A 12 year cycle of blessings is complete.
next to your name below is a tag phrase
that represents the blessings that
began 12 years ago.

Pay careful attention to events now
and try to recognize the kind of new
opportunity that blessed you in the past.

Friend ,, BLESSING 1999
ALEX ,, psychological reincarnation
andreas ,, economic germination
BILL ,, nascent creative gyration
BILLY ,, philosophical revelation
carlton ,, creative lubrication
carara ,, power accumulation
cherry ,, birthday celebration
Crystal ,, educational incrementation
deb ,, financial proliferation
ERIC ,, project implementation
FAB ,, career amplification
funk ,, emerging creative inspiration
jo ,, subtle energy manipulation
kyle ,, creative intensification
linda ,, partnership incubation
LORIE ,, practical innovation
Marina ,, idealistic actualization
MAYRA ,, physical perfectation
melba ,, psychological declaration
revj ,, creative germination
ROS ,, carte blanche invitation
sahara ,, philosophical dilation
SALLIE ,, recognition augmentation
scott ,, social magnification
STELLA ,, idealistic dilation
SYDELL ,, partnership incubation
WALTER,, JACKPOT: Jupiter exhalation


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