The big news last week
was Venus entering Scorpio.
This is an energy that emphasizes
intensity, intuition and sexuality.
Venus is orbiting back and forth
through Scorpio till January 2011.
From now until New Year’s,
each of us has the magic
to get what we want
by asserting our sexuality.

There will be a retrograde period
from October and November
when issues we thought
were so yestermonth
require additional attention,
and we ask (alluringly)
a second time for what we want.

In January, we complete a cycle,
and Venus enters Sagittarius,
and take a few deep breaths.

All signs of the zodiac
feel the whisper of Scorpio Venus.
Here are the Venus in Scorpio
Watchwords for Artists and Lovers.

adrianna,, secure security
alex,, siblings travel
andreas,, buy low sell high
bill,, psychic/sonic in the ear
billy,, greatest nation donation
carara,, other people’s money
caroline,, personal creative actualization
charna,, which witch is which
cherry ,, coated with honey
christina,, two are one
crystal,, no place like home
debk,, financial activation
fab,, artist lover designation
germaine,, partnership motivation
jo,, romantic intensification
jerel,, inspriation inclination
joey,, use protection
kip,, venus at noon
kyle,, sexual spirituality
leah,, inspired insight
lorie,, magic money
maya,, limitation elimination
mayra,, romantic initiation
neil,, romantic intensification
sallie,, creative initiation
stella,, cyclical celebration
sydell,, financial implementation
tanisha,, powerful orientation
vickie,, attractive indemnification

(btw, Mercury turns direct today;
fall forward lol!)


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