Sometimes two news stories combine
to illustrate a pattern or an important point.
Consider the accusations of male sex abuse
against the homo hating Bishop Eddie Long,
Right next news about
a cluster of gay teen suicides.

No Homo Eddie’s got blood on his hands
for the deaths of those tragic persecuted teens.
Jesus Christ is not smiling on those
who persecute the weak
and fuel the haters hatred.
Neither is Allah,
Neither is Buddha.
Neither is Yoda.

Whatever the truth about no homo Eddie,
there’s only one judge,
and it’s not you or me anyway.

Two astrological factors at work
in no homo Eddie’s horoscope.
I don’t have a birth time,
but that isn’t necessary
for an examination of his natal aspects
nor his current transits.

In the birth chart there is a conjunction
of Saturn and Neptune,
which according to Acker and Sakoian can
‘indicate a previous abuse of the psychic
and imaginative faculties. When negatively aspected,
these natives should avoid entanglement
with psychic phenomena
dealing with emotional or astral forces.’

Indeed the Saturn Neptune conjunction
IS negatively aspected, precisely opposite
the natal Mercury indicating ‘a morbid imagination
and subjection to destructive psychic influences.’

And the transit chart shows an approaching
Saturn return combined with,
Saturn conjunct natal Neptune.
That second Saturn return will be exact in
late October 2011, but it’s like a triple witcher
in that Saturn retrogrades back
to 22 Libra then turns direct in June 2012
within 20 seconds of orb
at no-homo Eddie’s natal Saturn degree.
Uh oh.

Maybe he’ll get a little boost of good luck
from his Jupiter return that June;
A lot will depend on his ability
to detach himself from the material
universe, which as a Taurus might be difficult.

In his sermon last Sunday he preached
that he’s not going anywhere.
I think that it’s safe to say he’s not going anywhere
until he has completely processed
his second Saturn return.

He won’t be going to heaven
and he won’t be going to hell
yep he’s gonna be in purgatory
for a good Long spell.

Then up spoke a lady from Kew,
and said as the bishop withdrew,
the vicar is thicker and slicker and quicker
and longer and stronger than you!


One Response to “LONG COUNT”

  1. Good one RevJ, I’m off to check out the chart.

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