Words are symbols used to communicate.
Each word has two dimensions:
one side is an audio vibration in the ear
the other side an idea activated in the brain.

Over the next few days expect
lots of talk about words. In all these words,
keep an ear out for the words
‘vitriolic political rhetoric’.

Just as Mercury shifts into Capricorn
on Thursday, people will be talking
about words and the effect of words.
But a few more days of Mercury in Sag
can still produce lots of gassy abstraction.

The attempted assassination
of an Arizona politician yesterday morning
is a catalyst for a collective self-analysis
of the power and effect of words

Euphemism is a word for words.
A word for words that make bad ideas
sound like good ideas. For instance,
vitriolic political rhetoric,
is a euphemism for hate speech.

As news of the attack unfolded on TV,
many hate speech purveyors
clarified the words they said
asserting their words didn’t mean
what we thought they meant.

Another game is to use a graphic symbol
to produce an idea without using a word.
Consider Sarah Palin’s ‘crosshairs map’.
The cross inside a circle in that graphic
(similar to the ‘part of fortune’ glyph)
symbolizes the crosshairs of a gun sight.

It produces the idea of shooting a gun,
which Sarah Palin promotes on television.
Is Palin promoting domestic terrorism?
That depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.

Operators scrubbed the crosshairs map
off Palin’s web site after the shooting,
(it may still be posted on Facebook, though).
Palin issued words of sympathy,
but no words of contrition or regret.

Palin is concluding a triple witching transit
of Neptune conjunct natal Saturn
that started in 2009; symbolically a period of
profound karmic significance.
Spirits will undoubtedly haunt Palin
and many others for that matter.

The surgeon’s word to describe the condition
of congresswoman Gifford is ‘optimistic’.
But survival from a gunshot wound
to the head is rare (~5%), and life is
never the same once the air hits a brain.

Transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Mars,
square natal Uranus, hold Giffords in the thrall
of powerful transcendental planetary energies.
Transiting Neptune at the end of Pisces
harmonizes with her natal Mars and Jupiter,
so her recovery can be amplified by prayer.

Dane Rudhyar says the mandalic phase
associated with the position of the Sun
yesterday morning at the time of the attack
corresponds to 18 degrees Capricorn:

“Protection afforded individuals and groups
by powerful institutions in charge
of maintaining order. Power is required
to maintain social order, but power can easily
be misused. Justice and compassion
must balance social power.”

video: WORD mike nolan/peace bisquit

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