The wobble of Earth’s axis creates
minute incremental shifts in the Earth’s tilt,
implying that need to adjust sky maps.
Astrologers have been discussing
this topic for as long as I can remember:
the precession of the equinoxes.

Now the idea has been validated by science,
re-packaged for mass consumption,
and cast in the same light
as scientific advance. A 13th sign,
a new zodiac division,
and an adjusted calendar
for all the other old signs.

I think it makes sense that cosmic maps
be updated to account for cosmic shifts,
the precession of the equinoxes
and new astronomical discoveries.

According to this 13-sign zodiac, I’m a Leo.
But in my heart I’ll always be a Virgo.
Maybe my identification with the sign Virgo
implies that astrology is part
self-fulfilling prophesy…

I’ve thought of myself in this way all my life;
studying astrology left a map on my brain.
Even if the map of the sky and zodiac changes
my brain map will not change that much.
I think I am a Virgo, therefore I am a Virgo?  


2 Responses to “AM I VIRGO?”

  1. hey Rev J!
    so according to my cosmic map, Am I a capricorn? In my heart I will aslways be an aquarious!

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