Consider two key planets when planning
romantic and creative V-Day endeavors.
The Moon because it represents our emotions
and Venus of course…the planet of love.

Last year, you may remember,
we had Venus in dreamy, opaque Pisces
lined up with Jupiter and the Moon.
Last February was all sweet romance,
romantic escapism, displays of affection,
artistic creativity, and romantic proposals.

The 2011 V-Day planets are not so fortunate
with Capricorn Venus opposite Cancer Moon.
The stage is set for tension between
the emotional and romantic impulses.

Cancer Moon fosters emotional sensitivity:
an emotional experience of the emotions.
Capricorn Venus is not a romantic energy,
favoring the practical over the poetic,
fostering a quid pro quo vibration. Tough love.

Emotional and romantic inclinations
may pull the heart in opposite directions.
Attunement versus detachment:
a kinky combination of emotional longing
and possibly delayed romantic fulfillment.

DO pick up the check.
DON’T pop the question.


One Response to “VALENTINE FORECAST 2011”

  1. As for the post, I have both signs in my chart. Feh. Normally I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day, until recently. But this month? I’ll stay calm.

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