I can’t shake this feeling of déjà vu.
I hear the Japanese authorities
expand the evacuation zone
in tiny increments: now a twenty
or so mile radius, with the U.S.
government declaring a 50 mile
evacuation zone.

I also hear reports that traces of
nuclear contamination have been detected
in Tokyo drinking water, California breezes
and Massachusetts rainwater.
Far below the daily adult requirement
for leaked radiation, they say.
The implied conclusion is not to worry.

I heard someone here in New York say
that the Quake/Tsunami/Meltdown
is Japan’s 9/11.

While the current catastrophe will likely
be deemed to be of a larger scope
than that of 9/11, my foreboding
sense of déjà vu harks back
to September 11, 2001 nonetheless.

The analogous feeling that I can’t shake off
pertains to the warnings of the authorities.
After the terrorists crashed the two jets
into the Twin Towers of the WTC,
authorities instructed the people in the
towers to stay right where they were and not
evacuate the buildings.

Who could possibly know the buildings
would collapse, they rationalized after
the building occupants perished.

I’m feeling déjà vu when I read tepid
warnings from Tepco that downplay the
severity of radiation leaks.
My skepticism increases every day
I see pictures of toxic plumes billowing
from Fukushima. The experts at Tepco
keep assuring the world that the nuclear
fallout is minimal, but I’m wondering
how the heck they know this when they
can’t even get a human observer
close to the nuclear meltdowns.

The assurances not to worry about the
radiation are based on Tepco assumptions
that Uranium is the primary pollutant
with a very short half-life.
But Tepco also admits that Plutonium rods
are also likely to be melting down.
Plutonium has a very long half life;
whatever the severity of the Plutonium
fallout, humanity will be living with it
for many generations to come.

The other day in Penn Station, I noticed
lots and lots of Japanese people.
I guess, if you are a Japanese mother
and you have the money to get the heck out
of Japan, you are probably one of the
people I’ve been seeing coming into the city.

If I was a Japanese mother, I would get
my child out of Japan, no matter what the
authorities say. If they underestimate
the severity and possible effects of the fallout,
and they are wrong,
all they will say later is SORRY…how could
we have possible known? (Which is precisely
what they said to the families of the victims
of 9/11 they advised not to evacuate.)

From an astrological standpoint,
it would seem this catastrophe has
a Uranian underpinning, seeing as how
the planet Uranus was just transiting into
the sign Aries at the time of the disasters.

But I think it foolish to ignore
former planet Pluto, and its eponymous
element Plutonium. Indeed I’m shocked
that the Japanese authorities seem cavalier
about those compromised Plutonium rods.
Evidently they do not intend
to err on the side of caution.

Oh yes, and we have Mercury
turning retrograde on Wednesday.
This could have multiple effects:
on the one hand, it may bring
meaningful communication from
Japanese authorities who have been
practicing obfuscation in their
post-quake propaganda.
Alternatively, there could be
counterproductive communication
snafus and technological misfires
that are the quintessence of
Mercury Retro.


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