One year is the time it takes the Earth
to orbit once around the Sun.
Scientists define the year in seconds,
units of time measured
in oscillations of cesium atoms.

Some scientists have proposed
a new definition of ‘Year’
based on length of time between
one equinox or solstice
and the same equinox or solstice
a year later, tied to Y2K.

From a geological perspective,
90 million years ago implies
‘before the present time.’
Unfortunately, the present time
is not so well defined.
But however you measure it,
every year is shorter
than the one that came before it.
(paraphrased from NYT)

One Response to “UNIT OF TIME”

  1. Wow! Less time to do the same things; more time to something different.

    Thanks for helping me get through the previous retrograde!

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