Feeling the effects of Sundays
Saturn shift to direct motion
in the sign Libra?
Perhaps tonight’s full Moon
total lunar eclipse will shine some
additional light on our Saturn reflections.

With Saturn’s direct motion,
it’s hurtling toward my Scorpio rising sign
and also my natal Saturn. I’m already
preparing for my SECOND Saturn return
in a few years, so right now,
I’m very serious about Saturn.

I’m also keeping an eye on celebrity
Saturn returns, for info and inspiration
on how to successfully navigate one of
the most significant and maturing
transits we experience in our lives.

For instance: Oprah Winfrey will experience
her second Saturn return in 2012,
and has begun to process those energies
by changing careers. I’ll be keeping an
eye on Oprah as a Saturn role model for sure.
Oprah, famous for saying “a person’s 50’s
are the new 40’s” is keeping mum
about her Saturn return, but I will be
keeping a jaundiced eye on the situation.

LeBron James, on the other hand,
is approaching his first Saturn return in 2014.
The first Saturn return, at age 29, is what
separates the men from the boys.
I’ll be keeping any eye on LeBron as well,
but wouldn’t be surprised if Saturn blocks
his quest for an NBA championship until
after he experiences this most maturing
of transits.

As for me, in keeping with the symbolism
of Saturn in Libra (relationships) in my
11th house (networks & friends), I closed
my Facebook and Myspace accounts.
Myspace because I didn’t use that service
anymore, and deleting the account seemed
the tidy thing to do.

I closed my Facebook account for two reasons.
First the news last week that Facebook
snuck face recognition software for identifying
the subjects in pics. That’s the privacy straw
that broke this camel’s back.

Secondly, I noticed that many of
my 100-odd friends (and you are ALL odd)
have many hundreds and (some) thousands
of friends, and I felt like
‘if a tree falls in the woods
and nobody hears it –
does it make a sound’?

So I invite and encourage
my blog reading friends to scroll
up toward the top of the page,
turn your eyes slightly to the right,
locate SUBSCRIBE icon, and click it
to receive notifications of new blog entries,
which I write with you in mind.

This is RevJ and I have approved this blog



  1. Oh Gee Rev! I’m in the midst of an EVERYTHING CHANGE! One, was closing my facebook account. Of all my friends doings, there are 6 who dominate my news with whatever (them). Now that I’ve found everyone i wanted to connect with, I no longer need FB. In all fairness, I will email them and tell them I’m history. Saturn and I are usually not friends, but like all who give you lessons, I pay attention.

    • Saturn isn’t anybody’s friend…but we pay attention. We’ve got the same Saturn placement you and I, so I’ll keep u posted in detail.

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