I absolutely agree. The ‘elite’ will influence
the timing of an uber-crash
to the Nth degree it CAN be influenced.

I keep thinking about October.
October IS the official month of crashes:
2008; 1987; 1929. October crashes
are practically de rigueur. Fact is,
it’s August; trading volume is low;
the ‘elite’ relax in vacation homes.

Just like in 2008, the world economy needs
to give a little extra time
to the masters of the universe
while they close up the beach house,
get back to the office,
and make 87 phone calls to Timothy Geithner.

And THEN, when the ‘elite’ have nailed
their personal survival strategies,
they will belatedly release
toxic financial information to the public.

A caveat: the forces of change in 2011
may be more powerful than those of 2008,
as Pluto in Capricorn gains momentum.


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