2012 03 02 Mercury Into Aries: Intellectual Ignition
2012 03 05 Venus Into Taurus: Aesthetic Alignment
2012 03 08 Full Virgo Moon: Chore Fulfillment
2012 03 11 Daylight Savings Time
2012 03 12 Mercury Retrograde: Review To-Do’s
2012 03 20 Sun Into Aries: Opportunity Equi-knocks
2012 03 22 New Aries Moon: Go Get ‘Em
2012 03 23 Mercury Back In Pisces: Intuitive Review
2012 04 03 Venus Into Aries Hot-Cha-Cha
2012 04 04 Mercury Direct: Fog Clearing
2012 04 06 Full Libra Moon: Aesthetic Refinement
2012 04 10 Pluto Retrograde: 420 On Wall Street?
2012 04 13 Mars Direct: Spell Relief
2012 04 16 Mercury Back Into Aries: Vision Clarity

Under an ample Cancer Moon
Ruminating on continental drift,
The spaces between minds,
The spaces between hearts, bodies, and ideas.
And more…chance encounters…
Energy reflected; energy detected;
Energy wasted; energy protected.
And more…the nature of surrender;
The tang of jealousy. Ach!
Pity this poor monster man unkind.


One Response to “SPRING BACKWARDS 2012”

  1. Gee thanks! This is better than any horoscope I’ve read. Leave it to you to be so succint! I will make note of certain dates (re-visit to do, and go get ’em) and I’ll forward to Ian.

    The underrated wisdom of a Virgo is always something I look forward to, especially as my day is going for many loops today.

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