Glad you’re OK. I always intuited
that if the waters inundated Manhattan,
I’d be validicated for living in the BX…
(the highest elevation in the boroughs).
Haven’t been to work all week,
but had a lil medical treatment last Friday
that was kinda intense,
so I’ve been happy for the rest.
Blog tip re embedding was just the ticket.
Still not that moved to write too much
(which is the blog’s raison d’etre)
but I have posted topical vids and poetry.
Facebook is indeed a strange creature.
I deleted my account about a year ago
after two or three years,
and don’t miss it that much.
I’ve had a fleeting urge to reactivate
my twitter accounts
now I have a smart phone,
but I have such a sassy
and impetuous tongue
that my higher self has restrained me
from memorializing any pithy rejoinders.
(Thus far lol.) Sending Blessings, J

One Response to “DEAD OF DAY”

  1. Hi sweetie! You are vindicated indeed! We only had a few fallen trees, but they were grand ones. Feh. A smart phone is fine. You’re not missing anything on Farcebook, but a lot of chatter. Mememememememe…
    Blessings to you too! Love always.

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